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Macro Photography

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Macro Photography - Tips and Gallery of Macro Pictures
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Macro Photography

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Macro Photography - A Guide to Macro Photography and Gallery of Macro Pictures.
For a photographer who wants to lean over the small details of environment - such as flowers, leaves, colorful insects – awaits a whole new, rich world of possibilities. Macro photography requires time and diligence. It typically can’t be done quickly. Many of the objects are fixed, so we have plenty of time for accurate placement of everything and waiting for the appropriate light or set up our own light sources. However, while photographing insects and everything other that moves, we need to operate quickly.

When we take macro photography pictures, we have three choices of optical solution: special macro lenses, intermediate rings (extension tubes) or bellows, and macro filters, which are screwed to the lens, just like a typical photographic filter. And please remember about a tripod. It seems essential to use the SLR, because even though compact cameras usually have the macro mode, it usually doesn’t allow taking pictures of smaller flowers or insects (not to mention overall quality of the photos).

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