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WeDú by Coréon Dú

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An Angolan multi-disciplinary artist gained prominence through his very particular aesthetic sense during his career as a creative director and producer of various advertising, television and video projects since 2006. With the start of his music career of 2010, Coréon stepped from behind the scenes to the forefront allowing for a closer relationship with the public that follow his work with whom he shares his passion for art and fashion on and off stage. Though Coréon's first foray into design came from participating in various fashion and costume design projects in Angola since 2001, it was in 2012 that his creative voice started resonating with the genesis of WeDú by Coréon Dú initially as merchandising project connected to his music work. Since it´s debut as a line in 2014 in collaboration with local retailers, Coréon's sense of style has been expressed through the brand and has been growing organically reaching local consumers and steadily gaining international attention.
WWW: http://www.wedufashion.com/

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